UK Breeders of Performance American Bulldogs
Est 2000



    We are based in North Lincolnshire in the UK, it is our intention to breed a limited number of high quality dogs by using the best combinations of classic and standard bulldogs. All of the stock in our future program will have some form of working  qualification as well as being tested for structural soundness.
    We work very closely with our good friends Gesa and Woody from
    Chestnuts little indians in Germany to help achieve our goals

    We strongly believe that by using only dogs that have  proved themselves in terms of intelligence and soundness can we increase  our chances of producing healthy animals that will help strengthen the breed.
    With this goal in mind we are members of the GSDL Working Branch (formerly the BSA), my work within the Schutzhund sport Has grown over the years and i am now the National secratary for the GSDL Working Branch, along with this i have qualified as an 'A' rated Helper for the protection  phase.
    In 2008 i was elected as an ABNA representative for England.
    I still continue to Judge the Iron Dog events around Europe.

    In early 2007 we, as part of a group of enthusiasts , decided to set up the American Bulldog Breeders Association (ABBA) this was based upon the lines of the old style breed clubs that have existed in Europe since the turn of the century. Its aims and goals are to promote the breed  by encouraging good breeding and selection criteria for all animals considered to be breed worthy, they are tested both in terms of structure and genetics but also temprament.
    This organisation is open to any enthusiast or breeder who can identify  with its goals.
    We also via the ABBA organise ABNA conformation shows, we have shown our dogs in Europe and also in the USA with great success.
    A Link to ABBA can be found on the links page

    We were founder members of the Hopwood American Bulldog Club in 2002
    This club was responsible for setting a benchmark in terms quality of  dogs shown in the UK, it still sets
    the standard for American bulldog shows in the UK. Unfortunately in  late 2006 other commitments meant that myself
    and Julie had to leave the club. The club continues and can be found following the links page on the site

    The club has also brought over to the UK an American Kennel Club 'Canine Good Citizen' (CGC) evaluator to
    enable American Bulldogs owners to obtain this award.
    We hosted the first W.A.B.A Sanctioned working event outside of the  USA.
    The purpose of which is to give a positive representation to this breed  in the UK.

    All of our Dogs are registered with the ABA

    Good form will inevitably follow good function.

    Glyn & Julie