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ABNA Grand Champion & Working Conformation Degree
Chestnut´s Little Fable at Churchills

HD Free/ED Free,CCL 0/0




    Meg is our latest addition to our breeding program.

    Meg Has completely lived up to her early promise since she came from Germany to live with us.
    At the 'ABBA October 2008  show' she took a very impressive  double win over 18 of the finest working bulldogs in Europe on a 2 Day show Thonse Germany, as a result of thsi victory she gained her ABNA WCD , the first female in England and Europe to do so

    In February 2008 she attained her Sch BH under Manfred Scholz SV at  the Sheffield Schutzhund club trial, she gave a very nice performance  to get her first Sch qualification.

    In 2007 she was awarded her ABBA TE test, this was done under the careful  eye of Richard James a GSDL Working Judge and also former president of the BSA
    In 2007 she took a number of big shows around the Uk and Europe to gain  her ABNA Champion status, we are very pleased .

  • In early 2009 she earned the status of ABNA Grand Champion at the Hopwood American Bulldop Club Show in England